Servant Leadership As A Servant Leader Essay

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Servant Leadership People always say that it takes a special type of person to be a nurse. The critical trait that makes this special type of person is the ability to serve others. While leadership is learned and developed through skills, a combination of those proficiencies together make a great servant leader. Marquis and Huston (2015) explain servant leadership as the ability to serve others, first and for-most. The multiple proficiencies combine to create the servant leader, are those allowing leaders to serve others before themselves. For instance, authority, love, and will as explored in Hunter’s (2012) book explaining the growth of servant leadership and how to implement within personal practice. The compilation and development of these three skills, exemplify what it is to be a servant leader.
Servant Leadership Characteristics
Authority describes a skill of inspiring peers and subordinates to help with tasks, others follow through due to a respect for the leader (Hunter, 2012). This is more than just leading; it is the ability to inspire others to do better, to work harder. Authority in other words is respect. Within the nursing field it is easy to see the leaders who have authority, often in personal experience the ones with the most authority once worked as certified nursing assistants (CNA). This is due to the ability to empathize, knowing what CNA’s have going through, having been there themselves at one point. They have the ability to…

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