Serial Killers : A Serial Killer Essay

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Into The Chaos A serial killer can be defined as someone who kills three or more people over more than a month (7). The actions and backgrounds of serial killers are closely studied for many reasons such as criminal investigations. These people kill without remorse and never stop until the law takes action on them. Every action they do is closely studied to find familiarities and predict their actions. Every serial killers life tells a story that reveals more information to investigators about their mental processes (“Psychological Profile”). Every killer puts on quite an act in public to cover his evil antics. Serial Killer Ted Bundy, to the public, was a conservative who did very well in his academics. He had a woman he fell in love with and he was never thought to be a killer(Ted). This man later murdered thirty-six women and was sent to death row. Serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer are said to be completely unexplainable. This man would engage in sexual activity with bodies he had murdered days before and dismembered. Public appearance for Ed Gein was not a very good one due to his severe schizophrenia. He lived with his parents up until they died. After his parents died, Gein began murdering women and using their skin to create masks and other things. Killers usually stand out (“Krum”). The childhood of a serial killer can usually depict a sense of the way they think. With Ted Bundy, he was scarred very early. An aunt of Ted 's confessed that he, at the age of…

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