Essay about Semester 2015 : The Courses English 100 Section D2

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Spring Semester 2015: The courses English 100 Section D2, English 100 Section C, English 101 Section ALP2, and English 197 Section ALP2 were assessed on the instruction and methods of learning taking place in the classroom. Students completed the Student Evaluations administered during the last month of classes. A total of 49 students participated and 88% turned in their evaluations with positive marks like “Strongly Agree” or “Agree” when asked about the effectiveness of instruction, grading, and use of class time. I found that most students appreciated the handouts, class discussions, the opportunity to revise, sample essays, the textbooks, and Blackboard announcements to help keep them focused and to help them stay on top of the information covered in class. When asked to share any thoughts about the course or the instructor, students stated the following:
“Mrs. Cole is an awesome teacher, she actually helps us learn and understand our work.”
“She explains everything very well so that everyone gets a full understanding of the assignments.”
“She is a great teacher”
“Mrs. O-Cole is a great instructor. She makes learning fun, but also keeps us in line with our responsibilities as students.”
“She gives exact points and explains the material we need in order to do better.”
“I enjoy my teacher’s teaching technique. She’s always there to help and give examples on different assignments.”
12% of the 49 students evaluated either feel that they are “Undecided” or “Disagree” that…

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