Selfish Bil Short Story

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Selfish Bil
Based on a true story

Bil is fifty years old and has lived with his girlfriend Holly for 7 years. He recently married her because he knew if he did, his insurance rates would go down. Bil has a brother named Charlie and a sister named Cathy. Bil and Holly needed money to finance their wedding, but they are nearly poor because they are both fast food employees and spend most of their income caring for their eleven cats. Bil knew he couldn’t afford a wedding, but he wanted his insurance rates to go down, so he asked his mom, Louise, to help him pay for it. She and her husband, Charles were struggling to continue paying for their two story house, with an in-ground pool, and their twenty-six cows, so she said no. This made Bil very
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She was too weak and feeble to attend the meeting which was held downstairs from her room, so her children went without her. Bil decided to come to ensure that he had partial control in the decisions made about his mother. Charlie brought his wife, Amber, Cathy brought her husband, Robby, and Bil brought Holly. Things were so tense between the family during the meeting. They were all yelling at each other, and Bil suggested placing his mother in the care of Hospice, even though she repeatedly said that she wanted to return home and start physical therapy. Since Louise had signed the position of her power of attorney over to Cathy, she had no say in what happened to her. So, frightened about the thought of her mother-in-law being sent to Hospice, after reading horror stories online, about people who die two days after arriving there, Charlie’s wife, Amber, offered to take unpaid leave from work to stay home and care for her. Being a registered nurse, Amber thought this would be perfect. However, as soon as she said that, Bil jumped up and started cursing at her. Apparently, he didn’t want his mother to recover. He convinced Cathy to transfer Louise to Hospice, where she passed away less than two days

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