Ashleigh Character Analysis

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Pranavi Kolouju
6th Hour Ashleigh had a hard decision to make which will end up hurting one of her parents. Ashleigh is a teenage girl who lives in England. Both her parents are divorced. Her dad is a dreamer and her mom is more of a practical thinker. Her dad was in a really tight situation and he needed money fast. Her mom happened to have 200 hundred dollars in emergency money saved up. Ashleigh needed to decide on if she wants to take the money or not. Ashleigh didn't take the money because her dad wasn't trustworthy, she hesitated, and she wasn't like her dad. Ashleigh could not trust her dad with the money because he never kept any of his promises.This is demonstrated by,”When I was little, Dad used to promise me the stars for a necklace, but like most of his promises that one never quite happened.”(Pfeffer, 1). This relates back to when her dad promised her to return the money by Friday. She can’t count on considering that her dad can’t be trusted.It is also represented by.”He added casually,’No, I just thought maybe you could borrow the money. Just for a day or two, until I straighten out all my finances.’”(Pfeffer, 4). Her dad said you because if she got caught, the blame would be on her. Since she would never tattle on her dad, her dad is
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The story represented this by,”’Your your mother's daughter.’”(Pfeffer, 4). Her dad said this to her because she was thinking practically like her mom, and he hated that. Her dad isn't very practical so he doesn't like her idea of selling his car. Ashleigh knew that her dad really hurt her mom. She didn’t want to hurt her just like her dad did. She knows what mistake her dad made and she didn't want to repeat it. Finally. the story emphasized this by,”I looked at Dad and realized he’d had those same fantasies.”(Pfeffer, 3). She knows the difference between her and her dad now, unlike her dad she never made an attempt to steal the money, but their is a bigger picture

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