A Comparison Of The Two Wes And The Other Wess

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It is hard to say that Wes story could have been the Other Wes and the other Wes could have been Wes story. There are many a lot of differences and similarities in both characters not only in how they view things but in the support they have in their everyday lives. From the beginning both Wes and the other Wes shared similarities, like having single moms and living in a bad neighborhood but what makes their lives entirely different is that one had a fighter as a mom and had lots of support from family members while the other Wes mom over looked a lot of things and didn’t have support from anyone. One of the things that has had a different view from both characters is why their fathers weren’t there. Knowing your father couldn’t be there …show more content…
For example when the other Wes meets his father for the first time, Mary his mother blurts it out by just saying “Wes, meet your father (Moore 25).” That is one thing a parent should be careful, Mary overlooked her sons feelings over what she was feeling at the time. While it is true that Mary kept his dad away because he was drunk and abusive, it does not necessarily follow that she should overlook her son’s feelings over her own. She was impulsive with her reaction and could have informed him …show more content…
When his mother finds out she is heartbroken that her son had been lying to her about how he was getting his money. How his mother goes about it is very careless, she believes words will solve the problem. Mary his mother goes on to tell Wes that she is disappointed and has put them all in danger and does not want any of the drugs in her home (Moore 74). After realizing how deep her son was in the drug sale why didn’t she take action? All she did was tell him things so how much can that really do. By just expressing disappointment that does not due much.
Later when both Wes have gotten to a point where it seems like their lives are sealed as to what they have both chosen it become clear how the impact on how both adult family members could have made all the difference in their lives. Wes has now graduated from military school with honors and will serve for the US army, become a speaker and now writer. By having the main adult in his life take action earlier in his life and sending him to military school are what made Wes what is now. Some regrets from Wes are expressed but they did not impact in what he now

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