Character Analysis Of Beneatha In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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Lorraine Hansberry, the famous playwright, wrote her play “Raisin in the sun” based off of Langston Hughes poem “Harlem and Dream deferred”. The play takes place in Chicago during the 1960’s. Hansberry uses Beneatha, Walter and Mama to show the negative consequence that occur when put off your dream. To begin, Hansberry uses Beneatha to show the negative consequence that occur when you put off your dream. Beneatha is in her late 20’s and black women. Beneatha is Mama’s daughter and Walter’s sister. Beneatha is an undergraduate student in college.She seems offensive and self serving. Beneatha appears that higher education is her right and the strength of her independence. Also, she has a boyfriend, his name is Joseph Asagai. Beneatha …show more content…
Mama is a leader and widow of households mom and grandma. She is in her 50’s and married. Her husband died of heart attack. Mama has 2 kids. Walter, big brother and Beneatha, sister. She is hard working black women who doesn’t suffer fools. She dedicates her life to the gardening tools to her children and grandkids. Mama dreams was to own her own house. But right now, her family has been staying and renting in the appartment for decades. Her dream of having a house is motivated only by her wish to make living conditions better for her family. It only happen when the insurance money from her husband comes in, which is about $10,000. Mama had down payment the house of $3000 but the rest she gave it to Walter. Mama says “ But loved, child you should know all the dreams I had about buying that house and fixing it up and making me a little garden in the back (pg 45)”. That her only dream was to own a house and she has been staying and renting in the apartment for 12 years. As the story continues, her son, Walter was irresponsible and trusty to his friend. He loses all the money that Mama gave him. His best friend, Willy took $6,000 and ran away with the money. With that money, Mama wants to give at least $3000 to Beneatha and let her go to college. Mama was really upset and all the depressed to her son. Walter says, “ You mean… Your sister’s school money… You used that

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