Self Vs Peer Evaluation

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Register to read the introduction… Procedure knowledge of the specific course book. Then, in the self-, and peer-assessment groups, the students were trained on how to assess themselves as well as their peers, respectively. For example the students were informed that they will have an assessment every two units covered from the course book, and are free to construct items of any type. While in the self-assessment group, they were instructed to make, to answer and then to mark their papers themselves, in the peer-assessment group, the candidates were instructed to answer tests made by anonymous peers.
The students in the self-assessment group were required to make and bring to the class some questions based on every two units covered. They were reviewed in order to check any obviously faulty items. This procedure was repeated for the next two units. In the third session, although the students were expected to the assessment based on the first two units. Finally, each one of the students marked their own papers and their scores were recorded.
In the peer-assessment group, students were required to design tests at home based on every two units ere taken apart.
After assigning each student with a code, the papers were distributed among their peers, taking care not
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Zainab Abolfazli Khonbi and Karim Sadeghi / Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 70 (2013) 1552 –

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