Self Reflection Of A Nursing Student Essay

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There are many ways in which a nursing student may become successful within their studies. As a nursing student in the RDPN program, the following skills will help me obtain success in my studies. I have accessed three main topics to support the ongoing success for students within the RDPN program; self-reflection, prioritization and motivation these skills will support myself to be an effective nursing student within the RDPN program. Students should prepare themselves with study skills, to be a successful student.

Self-reflection is one area that can produce ongoing reflective success as a nursing student within the RDPN program. Self-reflection is defined by Granzer & Zauderer, (2013) as “the process involves internal examination and exploration of an issue of concern, triggered by an experience.” (Ganzer & Zauderer, 2013) This process aids the nursing student to reflect inward on experiences through their clinical practice, it is completed in clinical supervisor with an instructor or mentor. I will complete this skill within my ongoing learning and in clinical practice and learn to take a moment and reflect the information or learning experience. As circumstances arise through the RDPN program, self-reflection will be a useful tool to cope with outside stimuli that I may encounter in my learning process.

Prioritization is an import skill to learn, because it allows ourselves to mentally note things that need to be done in a day, week, or month. Prioritizing time and…

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