Self Evaluation Essay: An Analysis Of Senior English

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Self Evaluation:

An Analysis of Senior English

Senior year is filled with both excitement and an overload of stress. While still attending high school and its workload, pile college applications and scholarships on top of all that. Most seniors feel ‘senioritis’ during their senior year and it getting past it becomes one of the hardest parts of senior year. We tend to forget that although we are so close to being done with high school, that we still have time and work left in high school that needs to be done. Evidently, a majority of the work that still needs to be done before that relieving day of graduation is McGee’s english homework. As many other seniors, this work came as a struggle to me because my senioritis had taken over
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The true reason for my procrastination, as aforementioned, was simply because the motivation to do the schoolwork and finish high school had completely diminished. Overwhelmed with the thoughts and stresses of college, the high school work came last. My fellow colleagues seemed to be the opposite of me and find an excessive amount of motivation to go out of high school with a bang, however I guess I missed that memo. While everyone else was taking several AP classes and striving for their 4.0, I was struggling to just pass the classes I was in. Obviously, this is something that I am not proud of and should have tried to change earlier on in the year. Therefore, it is something that I very well could have done better in this class. So if I could go back and tell myself something before senior year, it would be to take it more seriously and try to focus on the present instead of the future because graduation definitely comes much faster than you would think. Clearly, my lack of motivation and extreme senioritis got the best of me this year, which is something I could have, and should have, changed earlier …show more content…
McGee’s senior english class I have both had accomplishments as well as failures. Regardless of the fact that my failures outweighed my accomplishments, I was able to learn valuable lessons from both which will help me to continue my educational career and hopefully be more successful than I was this year. Whether or not I was able to take much literary knowledge out of this class my senior year, there are definitely some things I learned that I will take with me into college, concerning my work ethic. Through Mr. McGee’s senior english I have accomplished using and filling out my planner to stay up to date on school work, as well as failed and learned lessons from too much procrastination, a lack of motivation, and excessive

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