Self Care Plan Essay

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Self-Care Plan The day nursing school started life started to look a little messy any unorganized. I am now transitioning from a busy working mom, to now nursing student and still a busy working mom. This is going to take a toll on me, because I am a very organized and family oriented person. So my main SMART goal is keeping my physical environment organized. Secondly after organizing schedule time out of my busy life for my family. Both goals correlate together, achieving one makes it easier to achieve the other.
The main problem area is organization of my home, like I said I’m a very organized person. So having all chores done can do great things for then achieving my second goal. Don’t take me wrong me, I am not alone in this
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I will demonstrate this goal by, altering already organized schedule. So I do have a written calendar that I can see what days I work, what days I have classes. I mark off everything achieved. I look at only a week at a time, so I don’t get overwhelmed. Now All I need to do is add in organizing my environment, and secluding a family day. I will see on my calendar is my goals were met at the end of the week Sundays to be exact. The met goals will be very visible at the bed of the week. My laundry will have done and out away, my bathrooms will be clean, I’ll have groceries for the week, all other house chores will be completed. Then lastly happy family time every day, whether it be a walk in the park or vising the grandparents. All are important to me brings me happiness, and a content relaxed state of …show more content…
My goals meet the needs of everyone around me. When my home environment is organized my family is taken care of and they will also get to spend time with me a less stressed mom. The goals not only fit into my short term plans but also long term. As nursing school will progress getting more difficult I will eventually master my goals making my life and families like happier and less stressful.
Time- bound I will complete this goal weekly. My deadlines will be every Sunday, Starting Sunday July 31, 2016. I will use the same organized calendar I use now, marking off my accomplished tasks, and adding in my two new goals 1. Organizing my home environment 2. Family time. This will now only be goals for the next three months, but will continue throughout nursing school. This assuming I don’t have a life role change in between now and

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