Self Authorship Essay

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This week’s material on self-authorship is probably my favorite of all of the theories we have talked about so far. I just find this to be the most important job we have as student affairs professionals. The biggest challenges that I see today in my work with students is that they struggle with taking on responsibility and following through on their own actions. They often look for others to give them direction instead of taking charge of their own future.
Kegan’s use of orders to describe the development of the meaning making and thought process is very applicable to my work and understand how students operate. I think the biggest take away from Kegan’s work is his statement about the development process being painful and his development of the “holding environment” to assist students through this process. He
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The most important of these phases to me was the second phase of “crossroads.” Magdola says that a crossroads must occur before individuals will begin moving toward taking control and self-authorship. I feel like college is the crossroads for many of our students. For some, college is the first time they are really able to make their own decisions. It is the first time they are having to take on responsibility. It is the first time they may fail and not have anyone to blame but themselves. As student affairs professionals, we need to understand that some students will fail before they move forward. We have to be able see this happening and be able to help pick them back up. We need to meet their question of “what do I do now?” with our own question of “what did you learn?” This applies to more than just college life and situations though. Anytime someone needs to make a change or grow, there always seems to be something to trigger it. This was shown in Erikson and Marcia’s identity theories that we learned in the previous

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