Seed Germination Of Seeds Are Spread / Blown Somewhere? Essay

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Germination- Germination is when seeds are spread/blown somewhere else and grow into new plants or when a seed is planted by someone in the ground. Although there are many important factors that are involved in seed germination the three most important ones are water, sunlight, and temperature. Plants are not able to germinate if the seed is watered too much or too little. Plants are not capable to grow food from sunlight when they are seeds, so the seed will use other things, such as water, to help it grow food. When a plant is watered too much it is not able to grow because the water will cause the plant to not have enough oxygen in order to grow and produce food. The next key factor in germination is temperature. There are some seeds that can only germinate in cold or hot weather. There are also some seeds that can only germinate in really hot weather, such as after a fire has occurred or in the grasslands. Once the seed has made its way to its new location and covered with dirt/water it can begin the germination process. Germination begins when seeds are provided with water and are kept at the right temperature. As the seeds begin taking in the water the seeds start to expand and the food supplies start to become hydrated. The process of seeds taking in the water is called imbibition. In order for seeds to have root growth they must go through imbibition. Once the food supplies become hydrated they become active and the seed will increase its activities to produce enough…

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