Jurassic Park Essay

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1. Name the six steps that are required to actually have a “Jurassic Park”. (6 points) 1. Find dinosaur DNA 2. Grow an embryo 3. Raise the baby 4. Choose a habitat 5. Plan a diet 6. Manage the animals 2. What was used to freeze amber to crack it open and access the insects? (1 point) Liquid nitrogen

3. Who was able to get bone marrow from fossils that have blood cells of dinosaurs in them? (1 point) John R. Horner
4. What are body cells called? (Not mentioned in video.) (2 points) Somatic cells

5. Which geologic time period would need a dry environment with a coniferous forest type vegetation? (1 point) Jurassic period
6. In order to survive predation by large dinosaurs, what must plants be fast at doing? (1 point) Protect
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Take care of their feet so they don't wear down. 3. Take blood samples and watch over them everyday 4. Set up ring of trust
9. If dinosaurs were alive today, why would they have to avoid eating many current plants? (1 point) They would get diseases.

10. What type of climate did the Cretaceous Period have? (1 point) Humid and sub-tropical, but had set and dry seasons.

11. What moral argument is discussed in the documentary? What suggestions are given for why we should create dinosaurs? What evidence is there to the contrary? (6 points) Can you bring back dinosaurs and can they survive? Benefits include scientific knowledge which could offer insight on natural resources that are currently not in exsistance and technological advances which could progress genetic engineering. Some cons of this includes health problems which could bring viruses to us and animal welfare which could also cause harm to us.

12. What is your opinion on using biotechnology methods to bring back extinct organisms and why? What about using this technology to help endangered animals? Explain your opinions. (6
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According to the video, how many genes do humans have? (2 points) 20,000

14. In what way can RNAi help determine what all of those genes do? (2 points) It can turn off each gene one at a time to see what happens. For exampke , if you turn off gene #1 you will lose the color.

Video 3:
Sowing the Seeds for Better Agriculture

1. What decade did scientists learn to cut and splice DNA? (2 points) 1970's

2. How many farms exist in North Carolina? (1 point) 70,000

3. What type of concerns does the farmer have in dealing with crops? (2 points) Various diseases, droughts, nature dangers, insects and changes that may hurt the crops.

4. What would a ‘dream seed’ consist of? (1 point) It is a seed that offers resistance to bad weather conditions such as dryness and insects resistance and there is no way a bad crop can survive.

5. What are two problems with cross-breeding plants through traditional means? (2 points) 1. Unintended health effects or Gene Mutations 2. It takes a long time to complete the breeding

6. What are the new tools that allow scientists and farmers using to improve plants? (1 point) Plant gene

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