Essay On Security Over Privacy

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Security Over Privacy
Where is the line drawn? Does the government have the right to unlock an iPhone or do citizens have the right to their privacy? Does the safety of the majority take precedence over the privacy of the citizens? The issue of citizen’s privacy has been contested by the government recently. Many people are at odds with themselves. They want to feel safe and secure by having the government attain the information inside the phone. Another part of that person wants to have their privacy respected because the government should not have the ability to see in that citizen’s everyday lives. A recent incident of terrorism, in San Bernadino, California, has caused many Americans to create a list of priorities. Some have put their own privacy at the top, while others put the safety of our nation above individual privacy. Are a couple iPhones an adequate price to pay for the safety of all Americans against terrorist organizations? This device would not breach the privacy of all Americans. The iPhone’s lack of data retrievability would also be a selling point to terrorists who would like to be as incognito to the government as possible. Apple is directly defying numerous court orders that require them to create the
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The government does not want to invade everyone’s privacy. They want access to only the phones that are legally retrieved and needed for a government investigation. This computer program they want created would not be used on phones that have no need to be searched. No one’s privacy will be invaded because all the information would be legally retrieved. In San Bernardino, California, the topic is widely controversial because of both the government’s actions, as well as Apple’s actions. In this instance, the phone’s owner is the attacker’s employer. The have consented to the search, which means that the government has the right to search the

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