The Economic Vitality Element: Case Study

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Scottsdale, Arizona is known by most Arizonans to be one of the more luxurious places to live in all of Arizona because of the property values and average household income, making the community cleaner and more upkept than some of the communities that surround it. Scottsdale’s community values include the preservation of its uniqueness and heritage, the connectivity to surrounding neighborhoods, having efficient transportation options, and the social, environmental and economical sustainability of the city as a whole. It strives to be a community that has high standards of appearance and aesthetics while also encouraging human connection and interaction among the open space throughout. The vision of Scottsdale is to provide the community with a …show more content…
Scottsdale is reliant on its economic vitality to generate jobs and employment for the residents, to bring a number of quality services to its residents, all while preserving the desert areas within Scottsdale. The city’s economic strength is driven by the tourism that is attracted and from the wide variety of the retail market that is made available to the residents and visitors. This element is to evaluate any decision regarding economic development before it is made, making sure it will help with the long term sustainability of the community. Community involvement is an important element as is makes sure that residents can be heard and have a say in the decisions being made about the community that they live in. This element also helps the residents understand what is being done to the community when asked why it’s being done. Communication throughout both the community and the city is important to ensure both parties are heard, understood and involved in the changes to the city. Scottsdale has been very involving of their community for decades, and have had their input on projects including Brookings Institution and CityShape

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