Science Olympiad Reflection Essay

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Elwin Portillo

Columbia High School

Mrs. Crill

Reflective Essay Final Paper

Science Olympiad an event that is done in the STEM program. Being in STEM has been a new experience, especially with Science Olympiad. By taking this class I have been able to understand things differently and I also learned new skills. Each skill that I have learned has been a great influence and I will continue to hold on to them. With this project there was a lot of things that I felt satisfied with but there were many habits that I needed to improve on. With this reflection I hope to achieve a better understanding of myself and on the ways I acted, so I can improve. Taking stem gave me a new experience and the events I did and how I did them,
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With all these choices and it being my first year, I really didn’t know what to do, so I chose bridge building for my build. While for my academic event I chose two, fossils and forensics. I didn’t have previous experience with Science Olympiad due to not being in STEM last year. Either way, I chose to do bridge building because I am in engineering. At the same time that Science Olympiad was going on I was learning about trusses and weight distribution in my engineering class which was very helpful. It was very convenient because I would be able to have somewhere to go in order to build a good bridge. Even though I had these resources I didn’t take advantage of it. On the other hand, when it came to my academics I was not sure what to do, but since the odds were in my favor because I didn’t do stem last year, I ended up with a friend as my partner. So I chose to follow my friends and teacher’s opinion by studying fingerprints for my forensics. This was way more appealing and interesting than my bridge building and my fossils choice. I continued working on my forensics while I left my bridge building to my partner who didn’t do much, and my fossils was also untouched as I had the same partner as my

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