Science And Sociology Course On Nursing Essay

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1. Please list any course work or experience gained through your degree that is relevant to your internship goals*
As a nursing major, I have been able to take a variety of courses pertaining to the scientific aspects of healthcare. These courses include Nursing Fundamentals; Integration of Pharmacology and Pathophysiology; Medical-Surgical Nursing I; Health Assessment; and many more. The content I have learned and utilized in these courses has prepared me for the scientific intricacies of a healthcare profession, considering that they require me to draw from a large background of science. In addition, a sole requirement of the Medical-Surgical Nursing I course is the clinical portion. I am required to practice my nursing skills in a weekly eight-hour clinical in a designated hospital. As a nursing student assigned to an orthopedic surgical floor, I have been able to obtain many significant medical skills that would assist me in any healthcare-clinical setting. As a public health minor, I am able to merge science and sociology courses to better understand healthcare from a unique perspective. Courses such as Critical Thinking and Public Speaking; Islam and the West; Introduction to Psychological Science, and Gender, Race and Justice have broadened my perspectives and pushed my mind to consider situations in different ways. The two courses Professional Issues in Nursing and Scholarly Inquiry in Nursing have prepared me to be a well-rounded healthcare professional. They have…

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