Essay about Schools Are Cutting The Arts

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Some students in schools will actually do better when they are taught in an artistic way. Students who can use their hands or whole bodies in a creative learning environment learn better than most students who cannot. Students need to be shown cultures from all over the world to learn about the different people, governments, and traditions around the world. Many autistic kids may not seem smart, making teachers and parents frustrated with the learning process, but sometimes they can express their knowledge in artistic ways such as drawing, playing an instrument, or singing. In today’s society, many schools are cutting the arts from their program, because they are not educational. However, what teachers and school board members aren’t aware of is the knowledge both educational and real life situation that the arts can give to students all across the world. Many people believe that the arts are “boring” or that it just flat out doesn’t have an educational purpose, but the arts art not boring to everyone and sometimes, it’s the only way for a student or even adult to learn. In fact, while art is not a subject relatively popular in schools, there are art schools for artists of all kinds. In New York, the Harlem School of the Arts give their audience, made up of children and adults, a unique performance and introduced them to talented students who were skilled in dance, theatre, visual arts, or even music. In the article by The New York Amsterdam News Aubrey Lynch [a former…

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