Argumentative Essay Of Banning Books In High Schools

The argument of whether or not banned books should be taught has been debated for years upon years. Why not provide a simple solution that allows each individual decide whether or not they are exposed to these “evil” banned books. This solutions involves creating an option for a class that’s curriculum is based on books that have been challenged or that are or have been banned. This class would still complete the mandatory state standards, which would make it comparable to a normal English class. This is a simple middle ground in which these banned books can still be taught with the lessened worry of offending students, parents, etc. Many parents, school systems, scholars, and other critics strongly feel that banned books should be taught to middle school and high school children. The main argument for this is that these students are not at the age in which they are mature enough to understand or fully grasp the intentions and themes of the books. It is said that adolescents are extremely impressionable, and because of this it is believed by some that adolescents should not be exposed to topics and ideas of …show more content…
The reasons most books are banned is because it put the pure innocence of children at risk. Which is a valid fear of a parent to have, but it is also important to make sure children are prepared for the real world and all that come with it, good and bad. In teaching these banned books with controversial topics, we are not only educating about the history of these afflictions, but teaching how them how to cope with and fight against them in life. It is impossible to teach someone right from wrong without mentioning the wrongs. I believe teaching these banned books is important to the civic engagement of the children of the future as well as their total

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