Banning Books In Schools

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Libraries should not be allowed to ban books from schools because some people find the books inappropriate for containing religious beliefs, homosexuality, offensive language and sexually explicit scenes or descriptions (Lopez). If books can be sold and produce then they should be allowed in libraries. Some books could even educate not only kids but also adults. Everyone has the right to read what they want to read when they are at the library. There is also one week a month that is referred to Banned and Challenged Book Week that is used to celebrate the freedom to read.
Banned books week takes place once a year. It is usually held on the last week of September. During the event librarians, booksellers,publishers, journalists, teachers,and readers gather together to support the freedom to think of ideas that are unpopular. The featured book of the week have been targeted with removal or restrictions
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Adults might find some of the banned books intriguing, but if those books are banned then they can’t read the books. If libraries don’t want kids to read them, they can just put the books in a place where the kids can’t gain access to them. The only person who can tell a kid or teen they can’t read a certain novel should be their parent. A few individual teens and kids can read more fluently than others and need higher level books to read. Some people may think that books should be banned because there might be inappropriate parts or something that goes against their beliefs. Even if the book does have parts in it that the parent or guardian does not like, but they can always tell them if they can or can’t read it. For example, the parent may want to read the novel but does not want their child to read the story. In that case the book should not be banned because the parent could tell their child not to read it. Banning novels for those reasons can also stop a grown adult from indulging in the

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