Argumentative Essay: Should Books Be Banned Books?

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Book Banning is Misguided.
Book banning refers to the restriction of access to a book through assertion of processes initiated by a ruling organization or individual. Targeted books mostly those in schools, libraries or book stores are challenged by individuals in any particular society due to kind of content illustrated in them. Generally, the content is normally categorized as immoral by the challengers who believe that the said content can pollute or adversely influence a young readers mind. Some of the main reasons that factor the search for banning of books, according to Butler University’s Library Guides include, presence of opinions the seem to favor racism, encouragement of harmful living conditions, use of words like ‘Jesus’ as a curse word, presence of derogatory actions or images like in graphic novels, presence of unsuitable themes and also expression of contradicting view about religion, philosophies, and politics. In an article made public to raise awareness about the societal censorship, the author states: The books banned for their “immoral” content are the best to read since they speak of the aspects in humanity and highlight the errors in society. (2015) This leads us to question the true motive in trying to suppress the freedom of expression. Should the banning of books be considered as a move for the greater good or ignorance? Is
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They have also advocated for less discriminations and advice guardians to actively monitor their children on their selection rather facilitating the removal of the information that might have been beneficial to another person. a basis of recognition, inquisitiveness, and

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