Schools Are Cutting The Arts Programs Essay

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Students always tend to thrive in subjects they show talent for or are passionate about. It is always an inspiring sight to see children take pride in their work, whether it be from a test one had passed with flying colors, or performing on a large stage in front of a whole community. However, as education becomes more strict on the courses that are supposedly needed for their future, those in power tend to forget what the children/students find most significant to their lives. Furthermore, it has become more and more evident that schools are cutting the Arts programs from their schools, which could have devastating effects on students’ attitude and academic performance in school. Even though many schools encourage creative thinking, they are still cutting out fundamental programs that help students achieve this goal for more structural type classes. It is important to have the same standards for every class that schools are willing to offer rather than have courses that are needed for graduation that are not being taken seriously. On a whole, the Arts hold many benefits to the students’, mentally and academically, in many instances in the U.S.
John Dewey, an education reformer in the early 1900’s, had many thoughts on the sort of emphasis education should ultimately have. He believed that education should be a “process of living and not a preparation for future living” (Dewey, 1887 para. 4). This quote shows Dewey’s concern about students not learning how to live and…

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