Essay about School Shootings Should Not Be Increased

1560 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
Feeling safe is a privilege that not all people across the world can say they have. In the Unites States, it is fair to say that people should feel a sense of security in majority of the places they can go yet “the United States is the leader in per-capita gun deaths among industrial nations,” (Herman amd Firm, 2002). People should not have to stress over the thought of getting jumped on their walk to work or having their car stolen while shopping at mall because safety is a human right. Some people are able to make it through their educations without being faced with somebody endangering their academic environment by shooting a firearm in their school- but far too many do face this problem. From 1930-1990 there have been 98 reported school shootings within that span of 60 years, and from 1990-2014, only a 24 year period, there have been 190 documented school shootings (Duplechain and Morris, 2014). The rate of school shootings should not be increasing at such a dramatic rate, and it is embarrassing that in such a progressive and powerful country we lack effective prevention procedures in reducing them. After reading through many sources discussing school shootings, gun control, and bullying, I have encountered some practical solutions to help diminish the amount of mass school shootings that our country currently faces. There are different approaches to reducing the rate of school shootings, and in this paper I plan on starting with early intervention tactics towards the…

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