Preventing School Shootings

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On December, 2012 something happened that no one wishes would happen, at 9:30 am in Newtown, Connecticut there was a shooting.This shooting happened at an elementary school, possible the worst place for it to happen. There was a total of twenty-six deaths, twenty of them were little kids ages six to seven, the rest of them were adults. The first police officer arrived in two minutes and forty-one seconds after a nine one one call was made ( How scary that must have been for those people knowing that it takes so long for the cops to respond, while there is a killer in the school. Over the past few years more and more school shootings are happening. In the Wellington high school …show more content…
Although there is good reason for preparing for a school shooting, it's sad to think that people can kill innocent people. There has to be some reasoning, or motives behind these shootings. Is there a way to prevent these shooting or a least when there is one to make sure the cops are there in a timely manner. Each time there is a school shooting it gets worse and worse. These incidents have taken a toll, on students and people in this situation. So can school shootings be prevented ?
A school shooting is when someone goes to a place of education and kills people with with dangerous weapons ( The role of the shooter is usually taken on by one person. A person has some reasons to decide to go to school and harm people. Most of the school shootings in the past ten years the shooters have been known to be very physical and mentally unstable ( There is a school shooting documentary called Evan created by the Sandy Hook promise group.The documentary is about boy named Evan just going to his everyday life close to the end of school. The documentary setting is set up like a high school the opening scene is a student named Evan going to the library and
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