Reflection On One Day After School Shootings

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On October, 1, 2015, the lives of an entire community were changed forever. A gunman opened fire on students and teachers at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. The shooting resulted in the killing of 10 and 7 being injured. It has shined a light on the need for better security and policies at public schools and universities. It has also brought such tragedies into the public spotlight.

President Obama gave a thirteen minute televised speech shortly after the shooting. He spoke about how the lives of the victims and their families are forever changed. He restated that our thoughts and prayers are not enough for the people affected. President Obama briefly spoke on the fact that we are not the only country with people who suffer
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One writing instructor had the students write about what happened that day. He said that when his students were done with the writing assignment he will have them throw the papers away. It will give them a way to work out the emotional aspect of the experience. By doing this it will possibly help them deal with it in a healthy way.

A week after the shootings, officials from Security Solutions Company, held a presentation at the University. The price range of security systems are one hundred-fifty dollars ($150.00) to twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000.00). The company offered low tech and high tech systems. The school has the option of which they want to use. Most of these can be paid for by government grants.

The low tech solutions consist of things such as more secure dead bolt locks, brass keys and bullet proof doors. There are classroom doors that can lock from the inside or outside and allow teachers to secure a classroom. If an intruder gets into the school, the key will lock the outside of the door. Most of the low tech solutions are based on slowing the intruder down. If that can be accomplished, it gives time for the authorities to arrive or potential victims find
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One of these systems has a patented key system that cannot be duplicated to further secure the buildings. Software limits when the key would work. It can also control who can get into the school. These systems are based on stopping the intruders from gaining entrance into the schools.

In addition to considering new security equipment, schools are also continuing in basic readiness practices. They are running regular drills. These drills are to practice and refine safety and security protocols for a higher level of safety. Even something as simple as making preparations in case of an incident could save lives.

As with any tragedy, it will take time and support for the community and victims to recover. Although a horrible incident, the Oregon shooting could lead to policies that will change school safety in the future for this and other schools.Some day, attacks such as these may be nonexistent. Our children could go to school without worrying for their lives. Teachers can return to teaching without fear of being attacked. Only then will we be able to breathe easy about something as simple as our children getting an

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