School Shootings Are Not Enough For Stronger Gun Control Laws

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School Shootings Are Not Enough for Stronger Gun Control Laws
The Jonna Semeiks article “We the People Confront Sandy Hook” discuses many different factors that contribute towards explaining why school shootings and gun violence are inadequate to inspire stronger gun control laws. The deaths of children are not enough to offset the strong ties that American society has towards guns as a symbol of freedom, which causes people to respond with internal defense mechanisms that numb the pain of these tragic events instead of feeling a need to take corrective action. Semeiks presents a valid point that gun control reforms are needed; however, in order for that to happen anytime soon, the American people will need to largely shift their attitude on this topic. The author provides several examples successfully supporting that main idea. However, the article is written in a chaotic style, with a lot of fragments and some strange or out of context parallels, and it lacks the proper citing of sources and statistics used. Semeiks begins by mentioning the poem “Monastery for Sandy Hook Children and teacher” by Robert Synderman, which uses fragmented language to describe the horrors of the Sandy Hook shooting. These fragments do not create deeper meaning and instead suggest that the terrible, shocking display of violence is too painful to look at or describe with concrete language. Furthermore, it implies that the solution is just to look away without ever looking back. It seems that the…

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