School Questionnaire: Why I Am To Become A Medical Field

Student first-day of school questionnaire ': “What are your career goals?” A question I was deliberately asked. During elementary school, middle school, high school and even during my undergraduate career somehow, I managed to come across that question every time. My answer was consistent, “To become a medical doctor.” I was always interested in the medical field. Since I was a child, the woman or man in the white coat always held my highest respect. I have to greatly admire and respect their dedication and selfless efforts to care for their patients. Not many people look forward to a doctor 's visit – but I was always excited to go to a doctor‘s office. My visits have always been informative because I am given a chance to observe what a medical …show more content…
I was so excited when I discovered that my school offered such a program. As I began high school, I was anxiously waiting to join the program. It was unfortunate that it was only offered to seniors, certainly, I would have loved to start the program sooner. I thought this is as close as I will be to the medical field. I learned about patient/resident rights, medical terminologies, infection control, acquired documentation skills and so forth. The program also provided hands-on experience that further expanded my interest in the medical field. I had the opportunity to work with patients in the sub-acute unit. My first patient was so pleasant; as I was trying to get her to be comfortable with, she too was trying to make me feel comfortable as well as she knew that was my first day. Seeing that smile on her face was enough to keep me satisfied. I realized that given a chance to be there for those at their desperate moments and being able to lift their spirits is far more rewarding than anything else in life. At the end of the program, I was a certified nursing assistant with clinical experience. This experience has further solidified my desire to be a doctor and my passion for the field of medicine. Ultimately, I desire to attend medical school to acquire essential skills and abilities to become a successful doctor. Because of my experience at the nursing program, I am certain that I want to go into the medical field. In like manner, medical school will equip me with the training and skills necessary to function as a successful

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