School Attendance Analysis

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The week started by holding class meetings for all grades in our school auditorium. Attendance is an issue the Administration has chosen to target this year. EHS has a 90% attendance rule. Students missing more than 10 days will fail. We addressed the multiple ways of making up attendance. Topics also covered were: Discussions of Grades, Powerschool Log-in, Detentions, Wake-up-Wednesday/Tutoring, Cafeteria protocol/pride. Overall the meetings went very well. As a future administrator, I will hold class meetings for the students of my school. I will discuss with my team/committee topics to be covered and their importance. As Principal/Administrator I will keep my students, faculty and staff updated on all things pertinent to the running of the school. …show more content…
We discussed the new curriculum for Character Education as part of our strategic plan. We also covered procedures for Homebound students and the new state OK works strategic plan for guiding students to be College and Career Ready. Enid Public Schools will be exploring more Open Educational Resources (OER) to complement its 1:1 (distribution of chromebooks) program. OERs offer students and teachers reliable online resources that align with state standards, which can be very valuable, especially since the state is not funding textbooks. EPS would have the opportunity to utilize resources already in place, to develop its own or to do a combination of both. As a future administrator I will need to keep up todate on all the laws and bring them back to my school for implementation. I will need to be aware of district policies regarding homebound students and the procedure that need to be in place for my students to be successful and well taken care of. Both, will require working with outside agencies. As an Administrator I will need to keep those lines of communication open for the success of my students and

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