Essay on Scavenger Hunts And Letterboxing Events

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Good afternoon, I am here today to tell you a little bit about an exciting activity called geocaching and hopefully inspire you to give it a try. Geocaching almost a kind of modern day treasure hunting, but instead of a paper map, you use technology to help you find your way. It is a hobby that is interesting to a wide variety of people because of all it has to offer. Geocaching attracts people who like the outdoors, socializing, exercise, travel, exploring, technology, math, and puzzle solving. Before I began my research I was interested in this activity and I thought I already knew a lot about it. What I found while preparing this speech was surprising and made me want to participate even more.
What is geocaching? In a nutshell, it is the use of a GPS device, along with GPS coordinates, to locate hidden containers called caches. Before geocaching people would participate in scavenger hunts and letterboxing events. Scavenger hunts are events where each participant or group is provided with a list of items to gather. The first person or group to collect all the items is the winner. In letterboxing, participants are provided with a series of clues or puzzles, when solved they lead participants from location to location. The final destination holds a box containing a log book and a hand carved stamp. Participants stamp their personal log book with the site stamp and then stamp the letterbox log with their own personal stamp.
The acronym GPS stands for Global…

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