Essay Sample Resume : Teaching Procedure

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Teaching Procedure:
Step 1. Arrange Training Environment, Communication Partner appropriately placed right in front of the learner, the desired item in sight. The closeness allows the exchange to easily take place. Prompter will be beside or behind learner to assist. A single picture is available nearby. (Only one picture at a time is used.)
Step 2. Communicative partner interacts with the reinforcing item enticing the learner without verbal cues or asking “what do you want?”
Step 3. The communication partner extends open palm (faded over time by delaying presentation until learner is reaching towards it with picture) once learner initiates interest in the item.
Step 4. As learner reaches toward desired item the prompter interrupts the reach, redirecting the learner by providing a physical prompt (hand over hand, full physical assist if necessary which will fade to a touch or gesture, to no prompt) to pick up the picture.
Step 5. The learner picks up the picture and the prompter assists by guiding learner through correct physical response to place picture in the open hand of the communication partner. Physical guidance should be faded (to touch/gesture prompt, to nothing) as soon as possible by letting learner do more and more of the task without prompting, which is known as backward chaining procedure. (Frost & Bondy, 2002) Step 6. The communication partner reinforces immediately by handing the preferred item to the learner and showing PCS, names the item after the…

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