Essay on Sample Resume : ' Stand Ups '

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As Wenger and Potter (2015) assert, “stand-ups can serve several functions, so it’s important to know in advance what you’re trying to accomplish with an on-camera segment” (p. 284). Personally, I would need to prepare myself thoroughly and conduct some research of my own to learn more about the topic at hand. My goal as a reporter is to establish credibility on the subject and be able to project confidence to the audience (Wenger and Potter, 2015). According to Wenger and Potter (2015), demonstrative stand-ups should demonstrate or teach something new to the audience rather than just inform them about it. These are the following ways I would tackle the assigned cover story:


Again conducting research here is key. I would gather as much as information as possible before going on camera. As a reporter I need to be able to engage with the viewers and keep them interested (Wenger and Potter, 2015). Therefore, I need to have an idea of what the viewers may already know before my stand-up (Wenger and Potter, 2015). The setting would take place inside a classroom and I would start the stand-up by holding two long light bulbs in each hand and look at the camera and ask: Can you tell these two light bulbs apart?

I would provide them facts; let the audience know how many schools and corporate offices in our community are lit with fluorescent lights. Moreover, I would introduce LED lighting technology into the story and also provide some…

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