Sample Resume : Self Critique Essay

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I am Fajer Al-Abdulhadi. I would like to say that in this creative writing course, I have come to like writing stories. I love poems, and I like imagining their meanings, but I think they are not easy to write. When it comes to choosing topics, I would say that it does not matter to me. I think I can handle any topic in short story writing. I only need to think of an event, what I had seen or experienced before and the words come flowing. I believe I am creative and can develop stories out of any topic. This course has enhanced my creative writing skills. I knew I could make up stories, and can tell stories of my childhood and experiences in an entertaining way, but I did not know that writing needs a step by step guidance to getting it right. From the assignments we have done, I can say that I have improved. I have tried to focus on a specific incident as recommended by my lecturer when writing a short story. I also read some hints about how to write short stories from some books online and understood how I could develop a plot. I know that if I want to write a short story, I have to inform my readers about one specific character, or just two

I should not leave my stories unexplained. For example in one of my stories I said that I was not there for my friends. For my audience to understand me better, I should include some information showing how I failed them and may be the benefits of…

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