The Joy Of Reading And Writing Superman And Me Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Personal narrative, or memoir. What are your strengths and weaknesses as a writer? What are your goals and expectations for this course? Essay # 1: Personal Narrative (about you). Final draft due Thursday, January 24.
Sherman Alexie’s “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me.” p. 27.
HE: Argumentation p. 221. Ethos, Pathos, Logos, p. 226. “Writing About Literature”
p. 270. Planning and drafting essays, p. 204, thesis statement, p. 206, revising, p.209, 211
Homework: Read two of the following from WP (some may be found online): Langston Hughes “Salvation” p. 118, Momaday’s “Way to Rainy Mountain” p. 504, E.B. White “Once More to the Lake” p. 260, and Hawthorne, “My Visit to Niagara” p. 438.

January 17
Show proof of enrollment
. Discuss purpose, audience, tone, strategy, and thesis for writing assignments. Discuss Argumentation (handout): reasoning. Definition of fallacies, claims, evidence, and warrants. Fallacies. Group work: give examples of fallacies (from argumentation handout). Discuss the readings, including Stephen King’s “Everything You Need to Know about Writing Effectively in Ten Minutes” p. 451. Discuss HE writing skills.
Argumentation Packet. Group work:
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Read the Declaration of Independence WP p. 695.
Read WP “On Reading” pp. 20-22. Annie Dillard p. 374.
HE: Writing About Literature p. 270-292
Journal # 2: based on one of the WP articles. Journals are multi-paragraph essays that analyze one article and apply outside comparisons, or anecdotes. Give specific evidence from the article.
HE: Sentence variety p. 113, Writing and Reading Rhetorically p. 198
Homework: WP: Read Swift “a Modest Proposal” p. 831

January 24
Discuss “a Modest Proposal.” Read the newspaper article: “Crayons, Pencil, Gun.” (provided by instructor in class). Compare.
Read WP: Adam Gopnik “Shootings” pp. 673-677aloud in class. Compare.
Discuss HE writing skills.
Quiz # 1: Argumentation.
Essay # 1 is due: Personal narrative, or memoir.
Homework: WP: Read Sedaris “Me Talk Pretty One Day” pp. 212-216. Pay attention to the satire.

January 29
Gender Roles discussion. Introduce Essay # 2.
MLA research: Purdue University Owl and data bases. The research paper first draft is due 11/10: 1000 words, two-four sources
HE: MLA p. 238, sources, p. 255, notes, bibliography, p. 257 and 293, or Purdue University Owl (see

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