Sample Resume : Restaurant Managers Are Responsible For Making Sure A Business Runs Efficiently By Managing Other Employees

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Restaurant managers are responsible for making sure a business runs efficiently and effectively while also being profitable and managing other employees. Specific job tasks that managers perform vary on whether the organization is small or large. The job could be primarily based in an office with little customer contact if the organization is large, and when the organization is small the manager is more likely to be interactive with customers and staff with less time spent in the office. When becoming a restaurant manager there are many responsibilities that come with the job. What a manager does can vary from one thing to another, one example is recruiting, training, and supervising employees. In this part of the manager’s job, they must find who the best applicant is for the job by going through criteria that the applicant must meet. When training an employee the manager must perform tasks as making sure the employee knows everything they need to, to get the job done right, while also showing them how to meet the ethical standards of the organization. Once the staff is trained and ready to work the manager’s job still continues to work with the employee to make sure they are effective and efficient while also being ethically responsible. Restaurant managers also have the responsibility to prepare staffing. These are to ensure that employees are following policies and doing a good job. The manager also creates schedules so that the employees know when they work and when to…

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