Sample Resume : Career Goals Essay

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Career Action 10 –3
Create a Question – and Answer Planning Sheet (Outcome 2)

General Information Questions

Why do you want this job?
My qualifications are related to this position and I am interested in obtaining a position in this work field.

What type of work do you enjoy doing the most?
The type of work I enjoy doing are analysis and reporting financial data of a firm.

What are your long – term career goals, and how do you plan to achieve them?
My long – term career goals is to contribution my up- to – date skills in my job. I am looking to advance the knowledge needed for career growth.

Are you a team player? Give examples.
As the voice president of the hospitality group at Son – Light Community Church I work with the other team members to make sure that the task as usher and kitchen help gets done every week.

Do you have a geographical preference? Are you willing to relocate?
No I do not have a geographical preference. I the job require relocation I am willing to transfer.

Under what management style do you work most productively?
I have work most productively in all management style.

What is important to you in a company? What do you look for in an organization?
It is important that the company has equal opportunities for their employees. I look for an organization that I can forward my knowledge in the firm.

Behavioral and Character Questions
What have you accomplished that demonstrates your initiative?
I did community service in a church while going to…

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