Reflective Essay On Responsibility

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Responsibility can be defined differently by a variety of different types of people and by the context in which they are using the word. When I think about responsibility I think about a number of different characteristics that can fall into the category of responsibility. The first characteristic that comes to mind is time management. I also think about dependability, effort, trustworthiness, and dedication as factors that can be tied into responsibility. The Bethany core value of integrity also corresponds directly into responsibility. In my personal life I have had to utilize all of these characteristics in football and in life. By combining all of the aspects, responsibility can be achieved. The characteristic that I think it the most important for responsibility would be time management. There is a number of aspects that tie into time management, such as finding time to do your objectives and making sure you are on time to events that you are supposed to be at. When you are tasked with a responsibility you need to make sure that you are finding time to fulfill your tasks in a manor where you are not rushed and not cramming to get the job done at the last minute. This is important because if someone is cramming a task in at the last minute it …show more content…
Effort is important to responsibility because effort is how hard you work on completing a task. If you work you butt off to finish a task and do it the right way then it will be easy to see the responsibly aspect of an individual. Effort is amazing because it is completely under your control and nobody else’s. Once again I can tie this into football here at Bethany. On every team there are people that are more talented than others. I have never been one of the most talented players, but I have used effort to make it where I am at

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