Sample Resume : Assistant Orientation Essay

791 Words Oct 7th, 2015 4 Pages
For the week of 09/28/15-10/03/15 I was assigned personnel assignments and did not shadow anyone in the department. I primarily did assignments for the sales team minus two hours where I left the office for new hire orientation. I was unable to tie any of my activities for the past week to any of my chosen competencies.

On Monday 09/28/15 the Renaissance held their first new hire orientation since I started my orientation and I was instructed to attend. I learn everything from the benefits that even as a intern I was able to enjoy, to safety procedures that are essential to the proper running of the hotel. I was also able to meet my fellow co-workers and lend my knowledge of stonebridge to my team during a game of jeopardy. Overall the new hire orientation was informative and fun, and even though I was unable to connect it one of my chosen competency I was able to connect it to a another sales competency. The competency that I was able to loosely connect my orientation to was General Administration and Professional Skills: Training/ Staff and Development. I say loosely because it was not only a sales training, but I did learn some facts and useful information for my time with the sales team. I returned to the sales office after my training and resumed the organization of the group sales filing cabinet. I ended last week at letter “C” and made a personal goal to finish the cabinet by the end of the day. By the time I walked out the office Monday I had not only organized the…

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