Sample Letter For A University Program Essay

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Memo for president

Transparency University is a private not-for-profit university that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, which is located in Crockett, Texas. Over the years, we have held commencement ceremonies twice a year; at the end of the two long semesters. We take pride in the fact that we are able to distribute diplomas to graduates who are qualified immediately after the commencement ceremonies, and because of this, the event has a high attendance rate.
The planning and orchestration of the commencement ceremonies have been tedious and equally money consuming, in as much as it is held on campus. Personnel are needed for a variety of function which traverse checking in students and prospective graduate, issuing diplomas, security duties, ushering and myriad of others. Our usual modus operandi is to utilize employees of the university who volunteer, to staff the event. The assignment of duty for the commencement usually aligns with the employee’s normal job function. These staff volunteers are usually compensated by the university with an emolument of $200 after the event.
In line with the President’s request, the Human Resources department embarked on a vast research to find alternative cost effective methods to staff the commencement ceremonies.
Overview of Federal Law and Texas Law Applied to Volunteers
The Fair Labor Standards Act is a federal statute enacted in 1938, which establishes standards for minimum wage, overtime pay, child labor and equal pay…

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