Personal Note On Football

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The first sign I notice I hated practice was my eighth grade year the first year I had ever played football for a team. I played for the Missouri Tigers Mo-Kan football team during this time. It was a very hot and humid day out. The very first time I was on an actual football team I felt great being on the team but, not even three minutes pass by and I felt awful I guess I just don’t do well under the sun. My freshmen year at Shawnee Mission west it was my first ever high school practice. I was very excited but, not thrilled that the heat index was 89 degrees. I love the sport but, when it comes down to it I hate to practice in the heat or really practice at all. I was doing ok for a while but, I don’t know what went through my head. My …show more content…
I loved that he have me another chance so, I went off that year I felt I was better than ever I got eight sacks that year but, I still did not come to practice often. I would skip or act like I was hurt during practice so I could skip. One day I went home to visit one of my best friends and play video games. After the day passed I had weights he called me in his room and closed the door behind me aggressively; I knew I was in trouble during that time. I asked me, “Why was I not at practice?” I told him, “I was sick so I went home” Then he asked,” So if I call your mother now, she will tell me you were at home?” I said yeah knowing I would be in so much trouble if my mom found out and my head coach. So he called and I got in so much trouble. I got kicked off and yelled at by my mother. But, later on in the season I guess it showed that I was a great factor to the varsity team my junior year because he kicked me back on the team I was …show more content…
My senior year came and I was in the best shape of my life but, the first week or two I just felt like not going forward and playing for Shawnee mission west anymore. I wasn’t myself I didn’t care about the team I didn’t care about myself either I was barely getting by with my grades and the screwed me because I missed the third and fourth game of my senior year because of grades. Then when I was good to play I was showing up to practice late and skipping because I wanted to. But, after all that nonsense I was accused of taking a wallet out of my teammate’s locker. The school investigated by the time the investigation was over with it was like game nine and ten. I did not play at all throughout that time. They did not find out who took it and I barely got to play my senior year they did not even go to a state that’s what I was determined to do. But, thanks to one of my teammates that never gave up on me and my family because I did know what I was going to do after high school. Michal McCray the friend I have known since the middle school made me put in an application here at Coffeyville to play and to attend school here. I thought about it for a while because I had an offer from Butler Community College in the middle of the season, but I just settled and came here with Michal. I am grateful for my family and friends that did not give up on me. The lesson I

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