Essay on Same Sex Marriage And Rights

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Same-sex marriage and rights have been discussed upon many times in the government and within the public society since the 20th century. Same-sex marriage is a marriage between 2 people of the same gender. In the past same-sex marriages were not legal in Canada nationwide until July 20, 2005. (Marry, “The Freedom to Marry Internationally”). Canada was however, late in overall legalizing for same-sex marriage; it should have been supported since the beginning. After all the evolution in the meaning of same-sex marriage has already changed for better before it was legalized, 2 other countries have already nationwide legalized it a couple of years before Canada and it took until a little past the 21st century for Canada to have the Canadian Charter of Rights apply to same-sex couples.

To begin, the topic of same-sex marriages and couples had already started to evolve since from the beginning of when homosexuals started to appear to the public throughout Canada, to the beginning of the 21st century. Before, if any person who were to have an emotional and physical attraction to another of the same gender it was considered a felony and they would hereby be labelled as a sex offender that would be sent to prison, or punished by death. Luckily, a change occurred in 1969, Justice Minister Pierre Trudeau decided to decriminalize homosexuality, causing a release in some of the “sex offenders”. (Gunn, “TIMELINE | Same-sex rights in Canada”). After about 10 years later Quebec became…

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