Persuasive Essay On Same Sex Marriage

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Same-sex marriage is a highly controversial topic of discussion spreading from communities to parliaments and governments, and has become increasingly recognised all around the world over the past few years. Since 2001, many countries have passed bills to legalise same sex unions and provide them with equal rights, and then years later have fully legalised gay marriage, the first being The Netherlands (2001), however Australia is not one of those countries. Gay marriage and obtaining equal rights for same-sex couples has been drifting around the Australian parliament for years, with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (2007-2010, 2013) promising action within 100 days of the election date if re-elected in 2013, however the Liberal Party won
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There are many people who support gay marriage and equality, however there are also many who oppose it. It all comes down to personal opinion, and opinions can differ depending on factors such as religion, age and upbringing. Citizens are involved in the sense that ultimately they have to power to make things happen. If the decision comes down to popular public vote as it did in Ireland (2015, refer to Figure 3), then ultimately the citizens have the power to legalise marriage equality. All citizens over 18 years of age are required to vote for their preferred party, which also has a large impact on the decision, as generally the Labor Party leader (previously Kevin Rudd, currently Bill Shorten) supports same-sex marriage and the Liberal Party leader (Tony Abbott) opposes it.


Date/Year Event Description
1st October 1989 Denmark becomes the first country in the world to legally recognise same-sex unions
30th April 1993 Norway approves a registered partnerships bill and becomes the second country in the world to legally recognise same-sex unions, following Denmark
2000 (Effective on April 1st 2001) The Netherlands becomes the first country to legalise gay marriage.
2003-2005 Belgium, Spain and Canada legalise same-sex marriage
Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Argentina, South Africa, and Portugal legalise same-sex marriage
2012-2015 Denmark, England, Wales, Brazil, France, New
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In the House of Representatives, 67 out of 149 MPs encourage gay rights and equality in Australia, with 57 opposing it and 25 undecided or undeclared. Andrew Robb, Member for Goldstein (VIC), who is currently viewed as undeclared/undecided in the House of Representatives, states that he sees other matters as more important, “While they’re talking about gay marriage, there’s boats turning up at Christmas Island” [Andrew Robb,]
However changes of opinion do occur. An example of this is Gary Gray, Member for Brand (WA), who changed his mind from originally opposing the concept, to now supporting it, “This change will improve the lives of people and the lives of future generations. Every Australian should have the right to marry who they want, and every Australian should be able to marry who they love.” [Gary Gray,

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