Persuasive Essay On Child Adoption

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Children thrive to have a family of their own. Coupled with a child having a family of their own, there is no place like home. In today’s society, the generation mainly consists of homosexuals. Homosexuals are people who are interested in the same sex. Since same sex couples are not able to produce a child of their own, so same-sex couples should have the ability to adopt. Some people disagree with same-sex couples adopting children because they may feel as if a father and mother figure is much needed in a child’s life. Overall, there are a number of reasons why child adoption should be open to same sex couples. First of all, adoption for a child is always better than the foster care system. Children raised in foster care are bound to have physical and emotional problems. Foster care is a temporary living system for children who are abused, neglected, and is singled as a dependent child. Foster care is not the best option for children at any rate. Children need to have a good stable family to avoid having a negative childhood. A child’s childhood has to be positive in order for his or her future to be less stressful. In “Adoption by …show more content…
Same-sex couples’ love for children is no different from heterosexual couples. Homosexual couples are helping the foster care system by giving children loving homes. There is no evidence that same-sex couples are considered as bad parents (Sharma). Same sex couples are able to provide the same stabilities as heterosexual couples. Homosexual couples are financially, physically, emotionally equal to heterosexual couples. This gives same sex couples the right to have the ability to adopt and raise a child. Foster care is not a good option for children in today’s society. Same sex couples are willing to help foster care children in great ways. Heterosexual couples and homosexual couples do not display a big amount of

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