Sam Smith And His Music Video Essay

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Sam Smith and his music video “Lay Me Down” has so much emotion and intensity going thru the lyrics and video that it caught my eye and ears of course. Through the music video the lyrics, vivid imagery and the way the mood and tone are represented come together to create a feeling of understanding and showing his passion and love for someone that clearly doesn 't love him but trying everything he can for his love.

Sam Smith is an amazing vocalist and can tell you what he feels with an emotion filled story. What these lyrics is a sad story and his efforts to try and get his love back and how he is broken without him. At the beginning of the song he is says “Yes I do, I believe that one day i will be, where i was right there, right next to you” right here he is implying that he had a former partner that he misses quite a lot and wishes that he can be next to his old partner like in the past. Then he goes on saying that he feels “this emptiness” and “this hole” inside of him but in this quote “these tears, they tell their own story” he is so filled with sadness that he can 't express it with his words so he cries.Sam Smith 's partner did not want him to experience pain when they broke up but he did anyways as you can see in this quote “You told me not to cry when you were gone
But the feeling’s overwhelming, it’s much too strong.” At one point of the song he ask “I 'm reaching out to you, Can you hear my call” but he can 't expect his partner that left him to actually hear…

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