Salesoft Inc Essay

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Salesoft Inc.

SaleSoft Inc is faced with making a tough, time constrained and strategic choice to either continue with it’s PROCEED software development or redirect the efforts of the entire company’s workforce to deliver the Trojan Horse (TH) product in time for the sales automation conference. The decision taken will have to be absolutely exclusive and is expected to have a critical impact on the company’s future and indeed it’s very viability.
I would recommend the company to
1. Fully redirect all of its efforts to get Trojan Horse (TH) product to market quickly so that they can showcase it at the SA conference. This would be necessitated by the financial situation of Salesoft Inc as analyzed in this document. They can
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Investigate whether launching TH creates required funds
Another issue with launching TH could be that it could create confusion in the mind of SaleSoft CSAS buyers. By the time PROCEED is launched, the buyers could be viewing SaleSoft at the low end of the SA software industry.
Furthermore, TH should not be launched as a stepping stone for PROCEED as SaleSoft is not an established company in this industry and hence does not have buyer’s loyalty.
Why should SaleSoft not proceed with TH?
TH will definitely result in distracting SaleSoft from its primary objective. In addition, it will cannibalize sales from PROCEED that SaleSoft is currently marketing. So this will not be favourable as PROCEED will be more profitable than TH in the long run.
Further, TH will result in preventing SaleSoft from forming relationships with consultants whose support is critical to the success of PROCEED.
Finally as discussed above, there will be a huge competition for TH from big market...

PROCEED gives the organization the ability to streamline field sales activity, define associated business procedures, capture decision-critical metrics, and identify and manage constraints, facilitating continuous process improvement. As a result, PROCEED continues to deliver comprehensive visibility of performance, simplify sales processes, and strengthen enterprise-wide communication.

Through its comprehensive suite of business objects, the system is designed to address the marketing,

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