Safety Should Not Be A Driver 's Number One Goal Essay

1177 Words May 4th, 2015 null Page
There are many “what ifs,” but safety should be a driver’s number one goal. Replying to that text or answering that call could wait until the vehicle is stopped. A group against the texting ban, are the drivers of semi-trucks, who often take up the whole lane. Truckers say that stopping could cost $1.50 per minute for their company and may cause them to lose money from their pay (Shunk). Can you put a dollar amount on a person’s life? Big trucks could do more damage to a car than a car on car collision (Shunk). In addition, truckers are twenty-three percent more likely to be involved in a crash when using a device than a driver who is cautious and attentive (“Dangers of Texting while Driving: Facts & Statistics”). Not only do truckers not want texting banned but they also do not want the ban to include on-board computer systems because they are believed to not be dangerous to others on the roadway (Kiesbye 76-77). It is said that the systems are used to communicate with companies and to keep the driver informed (76). Yet, time spent reading the screen is time spent with the truckers eyes off the road (77). Hence why the ban should include drivers of all ages, including truckers and conductors, because they also put other peoples’ lives at risk when they drive distracted. Another group that is against the ban is women who feel safer knowing they can use their phone. Gilda Branch, a manager of an insurance company in Florida, feels that stopping in an unknown location to look…

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