Safety Consequences Of Gun Control

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Gun control has been a major issue for many years now and it seems as time progresses, gun violence rates are increasing. There have been many mass shootings in the United States because not everyone who possesses a gun is in the right state of mind. There are many disagreements to the safety requirements of purchasing a gun. Although there have been safety requirements before, those laws did not help decrease the violence but increased it. Therefore the lawmakers have been discussing if guns should be allowed or banned from certain places and what procedures should be taken in order to purchase a gun. There should not be a restriction on guns anywhere, due to the fact that gunmen would have control on the victims since they do not have a way …show more content…
There are many public areas where guns are not allowed including schools, recreational centers, churches, parks, and so forth, but if firearms are not allowed in certain locations, then “the only people … with guns will be lawbreakers” which would “[leave] law-abiding citizens unable to defend themselves in the event of an attack” and would have more critical injuries (Taylor 55). Therefore, congress has to discuss these scenarios detail by detail because there are many innocent bystanders lives at risk of major injuries or even death. The majority of the “shootings in the U.S … has happened in a gun-free zone,” resulting in, many innocent people and children or young adults being affected (Taylor 55). Children and young adults are generally targeted because they are in gun-free zone areas throughout most of their day. Weapons should be allowed to be carried by people that own a license, posses a clean criminal record, and are mentally stabled. The firearm should be concealed and in a secure location to prevent any catastrophes since most of the gun-free zones are minors. Having a long, strategic process of purchasing guns can decrease the amount of violence that seems to be increasing day by …show more content…
Mentally unstable people will do anything on account of winning people’s attention; therefore, making them extremely dangerous. When “television … exploded in popularity in the 1950’s, broadcast rising violence into the majority of American homes”; television has always disguised violence as entertainment or as fiction (Malcolm 11). Many people watch television, no matter what mood they appear to be in; they may not be able to fully comprehend the situation because their emotions are controlling their concentration but they like to be entertained. A mentally unstable person can be very depressed or may feel rejected by everyone that they will turn their TV on to not feel as alone and be able to connect to someone and will be giving their full attention to the shows that are expressing what they are feeling. When the celebrities on television are triggered by anger they quickly try to solve their problems by getting rid of them, which is mostly done by killing. After their crime assassins get a lot of attention by all the news reporters, and depending on how big the crime was the more attention they will get. With that in mind the citizens that are vulnerable in state of mind see all the great attention that is given to the criminals and will want to gain that for themselves causing insane, dangerous scenes. During the 1950’s, America witnessed some of the country 's leaders assassinations like

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