SWOT Analysis Of Mcdonald's And Burger King

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Executive Summary

McDonald’s and Burger King are the leading fast food restaurants in the world. Both brands were established in the 1950’s and have become healthy competitors for 60 decades.
Both restaurants have similar products which may meet the same need with their iconic burgers that they constantly boast about. Burger King is known to be Home of the Whooper burger whilst McDonalds boats about its Big Mac and Quarter Pounder. The Whooper and the Big Mac are known to be the best selling burgers of all time.
McDonald’s has established the Ronald McDonald House Charities that aims at making local communities better while Burger King has promised to train and provide employment for local citizens around its settlement area.
Burger King
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• McDonald’s is well known across the world and had a customer base both locally and internationally.
• McDonald’s is well known for its affordable prices.
• Due to the affordable prices, stores have long queues, making customers unhappy and also putting employees under too much pressure.
• Errors may be done by employees due to too much pressure. PESTLE- analysis
• Challenge: Government funds are shown to be misused on a yearly basis.
• Impact on business: McDonald’s needs to abide by the inflation or deflation of taxes.
• Challenge: the cost of living today seems to be increasing rapidly.
• Impact on business: people have no/less money to buy luxury foods like McDonald after meeting their daily expenses.
• Challenge: Crime rates in South Africa are rumoured to be high.
• Impact on business: McDonald may suffer financial loss and loss of stock. Customers may also feel unsafe resulting in them going elsewhere.
• Challenge: Because McDonald is highly supported, the latest technology of drive-thru intercoms is

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