SWOT Analysis In Project Planning

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In project planning, the first to do is knowing what we need to do. To analyze the objectives that team assumed, we approach specific analysis like SWOT analysis and Risk analysis. These analyses are used to examine the current position of project and decide how to improve the situations. There might be more number of techniques to do this analysis. SWOT analysis is a formal approach, where we analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and opportunities and threats they will face in future of the project. Risk analysis is spotting risks occurs in project, weaknesses in the operation of project and identifying the risks that organization will be exposed. From the above risk analysis, there are changes of neutralizing some risks. …show more content…
In this phase, the work involved in the project with creating the project’s deliverables using the project methodologies, business case and project initiation document as the executives starting point. An organization probably have a project board or project sponsor, who is totally responsible for the design approval, ad make sure all the executives get the inputs of the project from the stakeholder. This approval helps in ownership of the project deliverables. In any case, if there are changes occurred to the process, flow charts are used to create a detailed map of how things works. Before we start to build project deliverables, we have to go through every process and deal with issues. In design stage, problems and issues are cheaper and easier to fix, than once they are implemented in the project planning process.
In design phase, carefully selecting the stakeholder is a crucial part. A good detailed planning document and a detailed design proposal would likely lead to on time and quality project deliverable. If the project planning document and design proposal are not good enough, there are chances of not meeting the project requirements. According to multinational companies’ CEO’s like Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai and many others, for projects with technical risks and uncertainties should consider including a proof-of-concept
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The Gantt chart includes task name, earliest date to be started, length of the task, type of the task and task dependency. As this project is a custom-written computer project, we have all hardware related task list, which includes high level analysis, selection of hardware platform, installation and commissioning of hardware, detailed analysis of core modules, detailed analysis of supporting modules, Programming of core modules, Programming of supporting modules, Quality assurance of core modules, Quality assurance of supporting modules, core module training and development and Quality assurance of accounting reporting. The below figure shows the Gantt chart of this whole process of

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