Swot Analysis For Oneself Pest Analysis

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Creating a SWOT analysis for oneself is essential to identify the internal and external factors that will affect one's future performance; while also determine the opportunities and threats that deal with external environmental factors. One of the crucial elements for success in today's competitive global world is having the ability to apply a thorough SWOT analysis to oneself. Having the ability to understand your strengths and skills will enable you to better pursue opportunities. In addition, being able to identify your weaknesses will allow you to understand and be aware of the threats in your external environment. SWOT analysis is critical in enhancing your self-awareness and to get a deeper insight into your true self. This will potentially …show more content…
My greatest weaknesses are my communication and public speaking skills. Because of the fact that English is my second language, I have some issues with articulating my English clearly for people to understand me. This is clearly a weakness because sometimes it restricts my ability to communicate my ideas and thoughts efficiently. To illustrate more, during my last coop as an internal control at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, I had difficulties sometimes to contribute to my team meetings because I feared that I won't be understood clearly when talking. In addition, when I had to do presentations for my department, I used to panic and have anxiety although I have a well-written speech. Going off of that, another big weakness for me is spending a lot of time on one task. One of the reasons to that for instance; I have to go read the whole paragraph whenever I finish a part as I tend to lose my focus, which actually wastes a lot of my time. Similarly, I am a slow reader and so it takes me a lot of time to go over my long readings. However, recently, I learned how to skim long readings and get the core elements from it which saves a lot of my time for other tasks. Lastly but not least, I tend to focus on the bigger picture and miss the details in a lot of different scenarios. For example, almost all the time, I get marked down in my mathematics exam because I tend to miss the sign or the parentheses. This is because I focus mainly on how to solve the problem on a big scale and so I tend to lose my attention to the minor details! This is a threating weakness especially as I am looking for a financial analyst job, which requires a great deal of attention to very small

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